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  • .5" dent - $40-70
  • 1" dent - $50-80
  • 1.5" dent - $60-90
  • 2" dent - $80-110
  • 3" dent - $110-175
  • 4" dent - $160-200
  • 5" dent - $180-250
  • 6" and larger - Estimate Required

    *pricing varies based on size, location, and severity and is calculated by using the MEMRE System for estimating PDR.

    Multiple-dent Pricing Policy

    The first or full price dent is the largest and/or the worst dent on the car. All other dents on the same car are 50% off.

    Multiple-car pricing policy

    We encourage multiple car "dent clinics" by offering discounts starting with 10% for two cars, 15% for three cars and 20% for four cars or more. These discounts are taken after any multiple dent discounts are given, as explained above. They are also retroactive for all cars repaired during that visit. So go find a friend, family member or stranger and save everybody some money.

    If one panel has in excess of 10-15 dents or has a series of large dents, then it may be subject to a panel restoration price that lies between $250 and $500. Written estimates are required.

    Mobile Service Pricing

    For added convenience Dent Solutions offers full service dent repair at your home or place of work, or any place that you'll be for an hour or two. We don't charge extra, but a minimum of $75 is required for mobile service. Mobile services include repairs only. If you require a written estimate prior to scheduling a repair then we encourage you to contact us to make arrangements to do so.

    Bargain Pricing: Up to 25% savings!

    Lease Return - If you are turning your car in at the end of a lease, and want to avoid getting charged for damage, you may want to choose our bargain pricing option.

    For Sale - If you are selling your car, and just want to make it pretty again for a potential buyer, you may want to choose our bargain pricing option. Remember, you are likely to sell the car for more if you spend some time and money reconditioning the car. In addition, the number of potential buyers will increase. The dealerships do it, and when you're the seller, the dealers are your competition.

    What to expect when choosing Bargain Pricing

    In some situations, "Perfect" repairs are not needed. Therefore, only "spec" repairs will be performed. These make the cars sellable or returnable and will pass cursory inspections. Discounts will never exceed $125 and mobile services will be provided only when the technician will collect no less than $75 after discounts. Other restrictions or benefits may apply, so call to schedule an appointment.

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