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What is paint-less dent removal (PDR)?

PDR is a process by which dings, minor dents, and creases are slowly and meticulously massaged back into position, rendering the damage undetectable.

How do you do it?

We use stainless steel tools that range from just a few inches long to several feet in length to access the back of approximately 98% of your car's sheet metal. The inaccessible 2% of your car's sheet metal are often within 1-2 inches of the edges or are in pillars or rocker panels and often cannot be repaired or suffer limited success.

Does it affect the paint?

As long as the paint was not damaged by the initial impact, the paint should be fine. In some cases, location of dent, type of metal and/or paint, and type of dent (sharpness) may introduce the chance of cracking. This possibility will be discussed with you before a repair is made.

Do all paint-less dent removal companies offer the same service?

We all use the same tools, and for the most part the same techniques as well. That, however, is where many similarities end. PDR is in fact, no less than an art form, and should be performed by a technician with experience and skill.

How long does it take?

Often a repair can take as little as 20 minutes or less to complete. The average dent takes about 30 minutes, and some dents depending on their size, location and severity can take much longer. Approximate times are provided with every estimate.

Do you repair bumpers?

No. Bumpers are usually plastic and sometimes very thick chrome plated metal(trucks and older cars). In either case we can offer a referral to a reliable company in you area.

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